cropped-cropped-masondixon-logo-2013.pngWelcome to the Mason-Dixon Barbershop Chorus home page. Now in its 60th year, the Mason-Dixon Chorus is a member of Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), the largest singing organization in the world, with more than 24,000 men comprising 800 chapters in North America. Its music is sung a cappella (without accompaniment) in close, four-part harmony. We give several concerts a year and numerous other singouts at various community functions. Come join us and after you hear that one chord “lock in” you’ll be with us for years!

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This year’s program “All Aboard”¬†was presented on November 8th.



Want to join us? Click here for details.

Here’s a sample of that harmony in the form of a “tag,” which is typically the “juiciest” last few measures of a song – in traditional Barbershop style. (These four are at a Harmony College get together, one of many events nationwide that teach and display barbershop harmony. It’s a “pickup” quartet but each part is represented. If you look closely at the medallions around the necks, at least two of them are International Champions from different quartets!).

6 Responses to Home

  1. Jim Failor says:

    Ron: May 2014 Guest Night needs to be removed from calendar. Is it too early to add November show???

  2. Douglas Courter says:

    Done. I’ve updated several pages and added two Photo Gallery pages.

  3. Ron Kline says:

    Way to go, Doug–thanks for stepping up to be the new Dave, aka webmaster.

  4. Brenda Rahn, Director says:

    Harmony Along the Potomac Chorus is up and running again. We are small but
    singing well. Please keep us in mind if you do a Christmas program again.

  5. Kathy Fisher says:

    Hi. I am the manager of Hagerstown Senior Center. I was wondering if your quartet could preform for our seniors on Dec. 18, 2014 @ 2:00pm. Alvin Kaylor is a member of our senior center.

    Please let me know if this would work out for you.

    Kathy Fisher phone number 301-671-2368

  6. bill reno says:

    Does your group sing Christian music?..thinking about asking you to sing as part of our church worship service some Sunday morning…Lifehouse Church in Hagerstown

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